Valery Shklovskiy
Creative Director & Project Manager – experienced with all kinds of Media Content & Web development
Creating main marketing items for business – Logotype, Branding, Website, Presentation Film, Advertising Booklet.
Marketing Kit
Creative Director / Project Manager
Developed the IT Startup called «Start.Guide». The service helps people save and organize their bookmarks in the cloud and easily share them with others.
IT Startup
Founder / Full Stack Developer
Produced 14 music videos ( > 100 million views on YouTube) and one 8-minutes cartoon for pop artists «Street Magic» (soloists – winners of «Children's Oscar» in the USA), «Neina», «Ksenia Mulina», «Hello», «Smileys», «Heroes» (soloist – winner of the «children's Eurovision» song contest).
Music Video
Director / Music Video Maker / Project Manager
Excellent interpersonal, communication, presentation, analytics and technical skills. Project manager, team player. Focusing on the customer's goals and attentive to details. Can participate in the Development process (business, marketing or content strategy, design, filmmaking, development, testing, documentation).

Read science fiction. Crazy in quality sound and cool video effects. Traveler – visited more than 25 countries. Dream of learning to surf and buy a sailing catamaran ;)
I'm Valery Shklovskiy
Project Manager / 2012 – Today

IT Startup – Start.Guide
Co-Founder, Product Designer, Full Stack Developer / 2015 – 2016

Advertising Agency – RPK Briz
Art Director / 2008 – 2012
University – VIHT
Lecturer of CG & Animation, CG Artist, Full Stack Developer / 2002 – 2008

Game Development companies
3D Modeller, 3D Animator / 2000 – 2001